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Re: [IP] glucagon

>It really is not a
>relevant issue for type 1 diabetics who, after a few years of
>diagnosis,  don't produce glucagon any better than they produce
>insulin.  The medical literature supporting this inability of type 1s
>to produce glucagon goes back 30 years.  So the issue regarding
>glucagon after pizza is way beyond controversial for us pumpers---
>it's dead.


That's interesting, considering several times in my pre-pump classes my 
endo required I go through they talked about certain things that can 
cause a release of Glucacon.  This was a class DIRECTED at Type 1 
diabetes, taught by a nutritionist and a few others.

Certain types of exercise cause the body to produce glucagon, which is 
why many diabetics find that long-periods of exercise actually cause 
HIGHS, not lows.  Also, the dawn phenomenon is partially caused by a 
release of glucagon by the body.  Also, when your BG drops 
significantly low, your body automatically produces glucagon.  

The issue is hardly "dead"...but, understandably controversial.  
Regardless, I don't care of the technical reason for the delayed rise 
in pizza is due to glucagon being triggered by the food, or something 
else...the end result is the same...a delayed rise that is unrelated to 
the number of carbs or protein (or fat) consumed.  So far, the ONLY 
explanation I've seen that has any scientific backing (though, no 
direct research) is the "glucagon effect".  I now quote the term to 
mean that is the effect like glucagon, not necessarily because it IS 

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