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Re: [IP] avoiding certain foods

Yes as usual Sara, you've hit the dilemma on the head.  It's the 
quality of life issue.  And of course it's the same reason why so 
many people still smoke.
    It also reminds me of the first of the studies that showed how 
calorie restriction could extend ones life.  It's been confimed in 
several species now, but after the first one was published several 
year ago showing you could almost double a mouse's life span with a 
50% calorie restriction, some psychologist went around surveying 
people, asking would they be willing to eat half what they currently 
eat if they could be guaranteed living to be 150.  Well I don't have 
to tell you how many people said, no way jose.
   Indeed some people  think eating is even better than sex :-)
   ---- Must be some old diabetics ----  :-)

>for me, it would be easier to not be diabetic than to avoid "certain foods"
>that cause my blood sugar to rise...especially since the inherent nature of
>food IS to make your blood sugar rise (tee hee), but the game of figuring out
>how to CONTROL the rise is part of the "fun."  Life is about living...not
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