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The human without diabetes also has highs and lows. If a person who was not 
diabetic had a glucowatch that gave 10 minute reads, what would we see 30 
minutes after a meal? after a shower? etc.

Understanding that we will have elevated sugars after a meal and how the 
insulin is acting upon our body will allow us to function and test without 
alarm. If I eat and then test my sugars and they are high, is it because I 
have a need for insulin, or have I tested at a time where my insulin hasn't 
peaked yet, and I have an elevated glucose, just as any normal person would?

Something to keep in mind.


At 11:45 AM 3/14/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>  He also mentions that A1cs are an average, and can be skewed with highs and
>lows. You can have low A1cs, but still be on the rollercoaster, which he's
>trying to minimize. He says he strives for 90 blood sugars all the time - 
>not an
>average, but ALL THE TIME, and that he has his patients test at least 5 
>times a
>day. Well, depending on what time of day I test, my meter will show 90, but
>since I test around 12 times it also shows other numbers (higher and lower 
>he'd like) that I wouldn't know about if I only tested 5 times. I'd be curious
>to see what a Continuous Glucose Monitor would reveal about his blood 
>sugars. (I
>wore a GlucoWatch for 3 days when I was still on shots and was shocked at how
>much the number varied every 10 minutes.) Even on his program, I don't 
>think 90
>all the time is very easy, if at all possible to achieve as he says.
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