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Re: [IP] Re: Dr. Bernstein's Anti-Pump Tirade? (Was Bolusing for Fat)

Marion said:
> In any case, I think Bernstein is a pioneer for his time but I thank G-d
> everyday, every minute for GABE's pump!!!!!!.
> Marion
> not an M.D.

We also consulted personally with Dr. Bernstein one year after Griffin was
dx'd in 1991.  We continue to follow a low to moderate carb diet with a1c's
ranging from 5 to 6  for the past 13 years.  (This time frame included
pre-pump and pre-Humalog.)
Dr. Bernstein's approach, a low carb diet, is the backbone of tight control.
I will always be grateful to him for his insight in a time where it was the
norm to run a 24 month old with elevated blood glucose.  We blend the
pump/humalog and low carbs for a very predictable diabetes life.

I heard rumor he was writing a new book, does anyone know if this is true?

Anna lada dx00
Forrest 22 dx 99
Griffin 15 dx 90
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