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[IP] Re: Off Topic, On Topic, Just what are the Admins for?

John Hughes (no kin to Jan Hughey) wrote:
>>>The IP list is a "moderated" list which means the IP Admins not only
add/delete people from the list, answer questions, etc.  But they also try
to keep the list on topic.  <snip>>>>

I agree with everything John said, *except* that IP is moderated. Moderated
lists run through the admins *first* and are cut/deleted/snipped/or
otherwise the posts are adulterated and IP is not. We say what we want to
say but they do/have removed some members for noncompliance. It is not a
whimsical thing, however.

We have moderators who volunteer their time and expertise and that has to be
very commendable that they are willing to do this for our benefits.

If this were a moderated list, we wouldn't see lots of those *congrats*
posts, nor one-word replies with the entire post included that is being
responded to, nor *I live here where do you live* stuff. Those are for
private communications. my $0.02  (~_^)

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to be entertained. - John Powell

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