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[IP] Re: Airports

I sent the darn alarms off about 1/2 of the time.  The reason
is my jeans.  No, not what's in the pockets, but the jeans
themselves.  I normally wear Wrangler Cowboy Cut jeans and
they have little metal rivets on them.  I have had screeners
wand one of the little guys and then feel me up (was that
the correct term SSP?) trying to figure it out.  Duh!  It is
metal, just like the zipper which also sets off the alarms.

I was in Las Vegas in late January (superbowl weekend) and
set the alarm off.  The screener was persistent in thinking
that maybe there was something else hidden and not just
the zipper/rivets on the jeans.  He changed his mind when
I said "I'll take 'em off and show you".  Actually, I think
his mind changed when I unzipped, unbuttoned, and acted like
they were gonna drop right there!  ;-)

As for what is in my pockets, I have gotten in the habit of
putting my wallet, keys, change, etc. into a small fanny
pack that gets run through the xray machine, so only my
pants and/or pump will set off the alarm.

And like SSPAZ, I use a "don't tell" approach to my pump
unless I get wanded, then I just tell them what it is and
99.8% of the time the screener knows about pumps.

John Hughes

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