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[IP] Re: Off Topic, On Topic, Just what are the Admins for?

Ok folks, I know I am WAY late in chiming in, but I will any
way.  The IP list is a "moderated" list which means the IP
Admins not only add/delete people from the list, answer questions,
etc.  But they also try to keep the list on topic.  By that, I mean it
would primarily be diabetes/pump related.  Some humor or slightly
off topic stuff is fine.  However, if you go look at some of the
unmoderated lists, you will see LOTs of off-topic items (what does
tuning up a 1966 Mustang have to do with diabetes????) AND lots
of flame wars between members.

People like Sam, George, Liz,..... and the other admins give their
time to help keep this list running smoothly and to prevent the
problems that appear on the other unmoderated lists.

George mentioned reading the netiquette page, which is appropriate
for anyone that has not already done so.

I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank the
admins for volunteering their time to help make this list such
a great place to give/get info/support on diabeasties (thanks
for the term Spot).

My 2 cents,

John Hughes
P.S.  And a BIG, BIG thanks to Michael for creating this list
and in keeping the hardware running to support it.

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