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Re: [IP] What to do with pump in hospital

    Your mentioning a dental surgeons problem with general anesthesia
brought to surface a current problem I am having with dentists.
    I had a toothache to which I ended up with two root canals. Then the
tooth that was causing the problem still hurt. I could not chew on that side
of my mouth. The dentist said that I should go through with the crowning
procedure on that tooth for another $200 to see if that corrects it. I said,
"Oh sure, let's experiment on my money."
    I wanted it pulled out but he wanted me to wait. I already wasted over
$200 on the tooth and it would be another $40 to yank it out--maybe $80 if
it was difficult.
    I waited two more weeks and it still hurt. The dentist said to get it
crowned. I told him I wouldn't until it stopped hurting. Then it started to
hurt really bad so I called his office for an emergency appointment to have
it pulled. It was a Monday so he told me to take a narcotic painkiller and
he would maybe see me Thursday or Friday.
    I explained how I can't stay awake on those Vicodin's and have to work
everyday. He told me to take OTC meds and he'll maybe see me Thursday or
Friday, that he would have the receptionist call with a day and time.
    That wasn't acceptable so I called my insurance carrier who said that
their dentists agree to see a patient for an emergency in 24 hours or less
or be charged back if the patient goes somewhere else. The insurance carrier
representative called the dentist's office and they scheduled me an
appointment 29 hours out. This left me the opportunity I needed. I was able
to find another dentist that would see me immediately and was able to switch
over to them as my Primary Dentist without waiting 30 days.
    I went to that dentist to have the tooth pulled and he did not want to
pull it. I told him that I want to get dentures. Everyone that I have spoken
to so far that has dentures are glad they did it because of the problems
they had with their own teeth. The dentist countered with the hundreds of
people he sees who wish they kept their own teeth.
    Anyway, he said the tooth looked good on the x-ray and the root canal
looked great. So, I inquired as to why it hurt. He indicated that it needed
to be built up to have a surface to meet the upper teeth, and that I was
probably experiencing jaw pain, not tooth pain, from chewing wrong. I told
him it hurts without chewing. He countered with my jaw muscles were spasming
from chewing wrong.
    I bought his story. So he shot me full of Lidocain and proceeded to fill
the tooth with resin. The whole side of my face was numb, but it hurt like
crazy when he pushed the resin into the tooth cavity.
    Well, he was surprised that I had pain while numbed. He then offered
that maybe the bottom of the tooth is, "Blowed out," and I'm feeling pain
deep in the jaw when pressure is applied.
    I started talking with gauze in my mouth. I told him how I have already
explained this to him and the other dentist that I can grab the tooth, twist
on it, hit on it, dental ice was touched to it, and I don't feel pain. It is
just when there is pressure down the center of the tooth that I feel pain
like there is a hydrostatic action going on.Of course I'm not a dentist so
what the heck do I know?
    Anyway, he used UV light to harden the resin and found the tooth was
cracked. He could see the crack line when the UV light shone on the tooth.
But he said it might not be cracked all the way down so we will wait to see
how the resin helps me be able to chew.
    Guess what folks. . . It still hurts two months later. And I can't chew
a thing on that side. I have another appointment on March 24. Geez, I can't
    On a final note, why do dentists make one wait to see a dental surgeon
to have a tooth pulled? I asked a receptionist if a regular dentist learns
how to pull teeth in dental school and she said yes. So I asked why can't
the dentist pull my tooth? She only had the reply that the oral surgeon must
do that. I asked what is the difference between a DDS and a DMD and she said
nothing. So I asked again if the dentist would pull my tooth. She said no.
So they wanted me to go to an appointment to see the dentist to find out if
the tooth needed to be pulled then wait three weeks to see an oral surgeon.
    Man I would certainly like to put my foot right up someone's (Expletive
deleted <grin>)!!!!!!!!!!

Cody S. Alderson

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> . . . but my dental surgeon refused to put
> me under general anesthesia because I was diabetic . . .
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