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[IP] avoiding certain foods

Shawna wrote re: benstein
>I believe his essential argument is that nothing is equivalent in 
>its insulin response as a normal, functioning pancreas, and the
> easiest way to avoid that roller-coaster ride is to avoid certain foods.

for me, it would be easier to not be diabetic than to avoid "certain foods" 
that cause my blood sugar to rise...especially since the inherent nature of 
food IS to make your blood sugar rise (tee hee), but the game of figuring out 
how to CONTROL the rise is part of the "fun."  Life is about living...not 

I have not been following this bolusing for fat thread, cuz I typically DON"T 
bolus for fat and don't understand how you can, but then I have ONLY been 
pumping for 10 years, so maybe there is some old fashioned wisdom here......i 
just have always spread my carb bolus out longer using a temp basal or a dual 
bolus, depending on the AMOUNT of fat....

now those cinnabons at the airport someone mentioned.....THOSE alone are 
worth the spike that might occur.   And if i die 6 days sooner than I might 
have otherwise from the sugar spike caused by eating that cinnabon...then OH 
WELL, or as the kids today say, "WHATever"...all the food police can then 
collectively shake their heads and say, "we told her not to eat that." (and 
then they can kiss my [CENSORED]

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