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[IP] glucagon

Wayne wrote- It really is not a
relevant issue for type 1 diabetics who, after a few years of
diagnosis,  don't produce glucagon any better than they produce
insulin.  The medical literature supporting this inability of type 1s
to produce glucagon goes back 30 years.  So the issue regarding
glucagon after pizza is way beyond controversial for us pumpers---
it's dead.

My question is what then causes a rebound high that I've seen discussed if
you go low in the night and don't wake up? I was always told not to go to
bed drunk,:), because the liver would be processing the alcohol and couldn't
pump out glucagon to save you if you had a bad hypo in the night. If we
type-1s no longer produce glucagon, what is that we pump out of our body
when fasting that requires that basal amount of insulin? Maybe I am getting
my "sugar" terms mixed up! :)
Curious Susan
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