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Re: [IP] Re: Dr. Bernstein's Anti-Pump Tirade? (Was Bolusing for Fat)

Early in Gabe's diagnoses we consulted (personally in New York) with Dr. 
Bernstein, going through the three day exam and training described in the 

We don't use his program anymore, and especially with the pump, don't find it 

Remember that Bernstein's  standard is consistent NORMAL BLOOD SUGAR and an 
A1C of 4.5 or so is what he desires and expects for his patients.  He keeps 
his A1C that way himself.

Gabe's A1C without the Bernstein program, has always been around 5.8-6.

That having been said, his book has INVALUABLE information on basic concepts 
about how blood sugar and insulin work together.

As for the pump, I haven't spoken to Bernstein in about a year (right after 
Gabe got his paradigm).  

His objectionto the pump at that time was that  the pump interferes with the 

I told Dr. Bernstien that Gabe has no problem with SHOWER, as he disconnects. 
 No problem with SWIMMING, as the Paradigm is waterproof.  No problem with 
SPORTS, as the paradigm has survived trampoline, rock climbing, 
rollerblading, brother wrestling and etc.

As for SEX, well, Gabe doesn't tell me too much about his sex life, given 
that he is thirteen.  He does have a pretty blonde on his computer's screen 

In any case, I think Bernstein is a pioneer for his time but I thank G-d 
everyday, every minute for GABE's pump!!!!!!.

not an M.D.
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