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[IP] Re: Dr. Bernstein's Anti-Pump Tirade? (Was Bolusing for Fat)

<That is very interesting about Dr Bernstein. After reading his book I had a
of respect for some of the ideas he had that were ahead of his time; but I
not help but thing that he was a diabetic who had not quit worked through all
his D  issues, and it seemed to keep him from looking at all the facts. I
took objection to his anti pump tirade.>


I have read Dr. Bernstein's book and do not recall anything about an "anti
pump tirade."  What I do remember, however, is him mentioning something to the
effect that even a pump (with the current insulin at the time - Regular) would
not be able to stop the rise in blood sugar that occurs when eating certain
types of carbohydrates (high glycemic).  I believe this was before Humalog and
Novolog were even on the market.  He also mentions that in order to stop that
rise, you need to take your insulin ahead of time, but you risk going low
because you can't always be certain of the timing of your insulin absorption.
I myself have found this to be true.  Other pumpers on the list have also
found this challenging, as evidenced by the problems reported with bagels,
pizza, Chinese food, certain cereals, etc.  The problem is trying to time the
speed of the insulin with the speed of the carbohydrate on your blood sugar -
even with a pump.  I believe his essential argument is that nothing is
equivalent in its insulin response as a normal, functioning pancreas, and the
easiest way to avoid that roller-coaster ride is to avoid certain foods.

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