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Re: [IP] Bolusing for fat

I agree Phoenix, he has clearly survived a long time, and there's 
likely a lot of value in his low carb diet approach.  Even normals 
who stick to the Atkins Diet do quite well.  But, he never has really 
done his homework that well, and does not subscribe to the mantra on 
this IP list, i.e., YMMV :-)

email @ redacted writes:
>Ryan, This idea about glucagon was first promoted by Bernstein,
>unfortunately without his reading the literature. It really is not a
>relevant issue for type 1 diabetics who, after a few years of
>diagnosis,  don't produce glucagon any better than they produce
>insulin.  The medical literature supporting this inability of type 1s
>to produce glucagon goes back 30 years.  So the issue regarding
>glucagon after pizza is way beyond controversial for us pumpers---
>it's dead

<<<<<<<<<<< That is very interesting about Dr Bernstein. After 
reading his book I had a lot of respect for some of the ideas he had 
that were ahead of his time; but I could not help but thing that he 
was a diabetic who had not quit worked through all of his D issues, 
and it seemed to keep him from looking at all the facts. I 
particularly took objection to his anti pump tirade.
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