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[IP] College and Airports

I am an infrequent poster to this list, but I read the digests daily.  I
am also the parent of a 13 year old pumper.  Just to add my two cents to
these two threads.My son is in 8th grade and we have placed a small
refrigerator in his bedroom now.  We don't keep food in it, just juice
and water.  The juice to treat lows with no one having to take the
stairs to the kitchen, and water because it's nice to have cold water
handy!  I also hope to help him develop the habit of having his own
supplies for a low handy as I know college will here before we know it.
Airports have been crazy for my son.  He has set off the metal detectors
twice while I was with him.  The first time (both were post 9/11) we
were following the "don't ask don't tell" philosophy for the pump until
the alarm went off.  I then said it was probably the pump, but they
still had him empty pockets and be hand wanded.  Well, it wasn't the
pump - he had a pocket full of pop tops from pop cans around the house.
Don't ask me why, you never know with a 12 year old.  After taking them
out and passing the wand test, they offered to give them back to him - I
had them throw them out.   The second time he thought he would be OK,
but again the alarm went off.  So we start going through the empty the
pocket deal again, and again it wasn't the pump - he had a tube of
toothpaste in his pocket!  He is 13 and refuses to brush his teeth
before eating breakfast.  We had an early flight and were planning on
having breakfast at the airport and he wanted to brush his teeth
afterwards.  His lesson here - nothing in his pockets (except his pump)
when he fly's.  He is flying again next Friday so we'll see how that one
Jocelyn, Brian's mom
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