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[IP] Had to reply

I flew from Atlanta to Montreal Canada last year and for the first time in
15 years of air travel had a problem with my supplies. I had the
prescription for all of my supplies except for the strips which we all know
do not need a prescription (although my insurance covers them, but hey-they
don't know that). The little screener boy told me that I could not take
them on the plane without a prescription and I responded like any retired
soldier would. "I respect the job you are doing to protect myself as well
as all of these other passengers from harm. However, if you think that I am
leaving this spot without these strips you had better get ready for a
fight" I then told him that he had better get a Sky Marshall over here
before something happens that might close down this terminal and believe it
or not he did. When the Federal Marshall arrived (roughly 3 minutes) and
saw the strips he immediately turned to the screener supervisor and told
him that these were perfectly acceptable items and they had better get
their sh** together. So you see, you can dress em up, teach em what they
need to do, pay em more money and they still screw it up (although these
screw ups are really few and far between). Remember to stand up for
yourself. You are the customer. You pay their salaries. If you know you are
in the right do not hesitate to speak your mind. After all, that is why you
arrive early at the airport for anyway. Right....
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