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[IP] Getting a Cozmo trial like pulling teeth

Okay, here's my big headache with Deltec.

I have been checking out the various pumps on the market, and have had trials
with several of them -- MM508, Animas, and the Dtron plus.  Now, to complete
my arsenal of information, I would like a trial with the Cozmo.

I seem to be asking them to turn the moon into green cheese, or something
equally impossible.

The sales rep brought by one for me to see early in January.  When I knew I
was quite impressed, I asked about a trial.  He explained that he only has
about 20 loaner pumps, so that isn't enough to give one to me personally to
try.  Instead, what he was doing was giving them to the larger hospitals (or,
should I say, those with big diabetes practices?) in the area.  One in a town
an hour or so away, they already had one.  And he wanted to give one to my own
hospital.  He hadn't had the chance to talk over the possibility with the pump
nurse there yet, though.

I called the pump nurse and explained the situation.  She as yet knew nothing
about it, but was meeting with a sales rep soon.

When I heard nothing, I called the sales rep again to see what had happened.
Yes, my hospital had gotten them a week or so ago.  The head endo wanted two
of the nurses to have trials, but they had had it long enough that the trial
had probably happened.  Give them a call and find out.

I called the pump nurse and left a message about wanting a trial.  Just when I
was about ready to give up on ever getting a response, I got a message from
someone from Logimedix, who got my name from the pump nurse.  She'd be happy
to bring the Cozmo by so I could look at it and tell me about it.  The nurse,
at least at one time, knew I'd already seen it.  Does Logimedix have some for
trials?  Somehow, I'm betting not.

I'm waiting to learn that for sure from the Logimedix rep.  In the mean time,
I'm just wondering if there were anyone out there who has actually been able
to have a trial with the Cozmo?  Was it not virtually impossible to accomplish
for you, too?

To be fair, I haven't pursued this trial constantly.  I decided to wait a
while until users had one and there was some feedback about it on the list.
But I'm ready now, have been for several weeks, and am getting impatient!

I didn't think a trial was asking too much, and the sales reps from MM,
Animas, and Disetronic apparently agreed.   I'm not quite sure if Deltec
really wants people to buy their pumps, or not.

Thanks for listening to my rant.  But I don't think I'll feel better until I
get a positive answer about a trial.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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