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[IP] Cozmo Issues

Marisa -

 I'm sorry you misunderstood my post. I didn't mean that the Cozmo was the only
good choice of pumps on the market. I was seriously considering the Animas
because is it a wonderful pump with proven customer service 2nd to none. But my
child will be in the care of individuals who don't know squat about diabetes for
the next 14 years. I like the fact that the Cozmo does the carb/insulin ratio &
the correction factor for you.

 Amy has NOT been waiting for the Cozmo for 6 mos. It only became available the
2nd week of December 2002. She may have made the decision in Sept. but it wasn't
yet on the market. I personally like the fact that others have used it in the
time that I've worked through the insurance, saline trial, etc issues. I've
learned alot about how to use it once my son actually gets it.

Again, I'm sorry if I wasn't clear.


Mom to Joshua, 3, dx'd. @ 20 mos. & Jessie 21
western Massachusetts

Mom to Joshua, 3, dx'd. @ 20 mos. & Jessie 21
western Massachusetts

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