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[IP] Re: Airports

>Well, let's see I went through Phoenix in October 2002 with a watch, 
>medical alert bracelet, metal framed eyeglasses, earrings and yes, my lucky 
>necklace and never beeped at all.  Have never worn steel lasts in my shoes,  
>though. YMMV. >>

We flew from Chicago to Phoenix during high alert.  On the way out, I got 
through fine but my boyfriend set the metal detector off because he had 
Mementos mints in his pocket and they had a foil wrapper.  They made him take 
off his shoes and wanded him.  On the way back it was my turn.  I set the 
detector off and I immediately said that I have an insulin pump.  They were 
fine with that but still wanded me and my watch, bracelet, pump and even a 
small metal ring in my gym shoes set the wand off.  I explained that the metal 
ring in my shoes is to attach the combination to my lock because I'm over 40 
and afraid I'll forget it.  I'm sure at that point the security person figured 
that I couldn't possibly be a threat to anyone other than myself! 
I have flown many times and have decided it is better not to say anything 
unless it is an issue.  Actually, no one has seemed to care at all.  I do 
carry the insulin box with a pharmacy label with me.  ATA told my daughter 
that she would need a letter from her doctor dated within the last 10 days - 
like diabetics and their doctors have time for that!  And what if you're gone 
for more than 10 days.  I called them back and after they looked at the 
official regulations (can be found on the IP website), they agreed that the 
pharmacy label for the insulin was enough and they just tell people to get the 
dr. letter to be on the safe side because they don't control the security 
screeners.  My pump has set off the metal detector many times but no one has 
ever given me a hard time about it.  Also I have never had trouble with my 
insulin going through the X-ray machine.  I use Novalog.  

Type 1 - 29 1/2 years, pumping 3 1/2 years
and daughter Melinda - Type 1 - 4 months, MDI
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