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[IP] speaking of off topic

In response to Nick's hilarious post of people have trouble shooting (as in 
"difficulty firing a pistol at," and NOT "figuring out the problem") their 

len wrote:
>--oh thanks,,,, that was so helpful. (dont leave your day job)

no disrespect intended Len, but in my opinion, it is responses like yours 
that the list could use fewer of.  Nick's was meant as a joke and totally 
acceptable, and appreciated, as he was going in that humor vein us old time 
IPers used to look forward to (anyone remember 101 uses for unused tubings?). 

Your response added nothing to the discussion, and didn't acknowledge the 
humor of his post to the point of sounding rude, which I am sure you weren't 
being...and even if you were...it should have been sent to nick at home...he 
LOVES to get private emails, by the way   

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