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[IP] things that cause the "beep" at the airport security screen

Years ago (never you mind just how many) I made the detector beep. I think
it was DFW. I took off my boots. I took out my weapons. I took off my steel
vest. I was about to take off my arm -- I have a nine inch quarter inch
steel plate on my left radius (a "flying" accident"). None of these things
was causing the "beep". Well, we finally found it. It was my BOARDING PASS!
Apparently the boarding pass had enough metal in the magnetic strip (which
was in my coat pocket) to alert the scanner. That one even surprised the
security folks.

I didn't stop traveling with a boarding pass. And, it never happened again.
But it surely was strange.

Perhaps the sensors were set to just go off randomly??


Nick Trubov
and all the little Trubovs
Lorree, Eupie & Corbin
email @ redacted
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