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[IP] pump door opening and 50 units

Hey W.J.-

 I had my reservoir somehow catch on my clothes and pull the reservoir partially
out and it compressed against the pump delivering anywhere from 10-20 units. At
this point I didn't use use the stopper on the pump so I could fill it to 300
units so the end stuck out pretty far on my 507C. I think this was the main
problem since so much of the reservoir stuck out it easily caught on things. I
don't think that's a problem with a lot of the pumps today and it isn't with
mine now that I use a stopper that only allows 150 units to be filled. Now the
entire reservoir is within the pump door. It's really hard to explain all this
in words but hopefully it's making sense. Anyway, I went to my doctors and had a
horrible experience (one of those times where the "doctor" lectured me about
taking care of myself and how I better enjoy the food I was eating since I'm not
normally "allowed" to eat it- it wasn't even sugar!) Anyway, it worked out fine
and I was so paranoid I drank 6 Capri !
 Suns (about 150g. CHO) and ended up around 300 for quite some time (for which
the doctor lectured me about, saying I overreacted- I received an entire days
worth of insulin at one time, don't tell me not to overreact with food! Oh, and
he had never heard of Humalog and wouldn't believe me that it was in and out in
about 3-4 hours. He thought I was on regular). The nurse was awesome but the
doctor really sucked! I'm sorry that happened to you though and let me know if I
can help brainstorm ways to prevent it from happening again.


 ------------------------------------------------------------in response

Once I was rational enough to think a little, I figured out how much 
I had actually gotten.  Somewhere close to 50 units, near as I can 

Anyone else ever had that happen?  I still haven't figured out what I 
that made the door open like that.....

email @ redacted


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