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[IP] Bolusing for fat

email @ redacted writes:
>Ryan, This idea about glucagon was first promoted by Bernstein, 
>unfortunately without his reading the literature. It really is not a 
>relevant issue for type 1 diabetics who, after a few years of 
>diagnosis,  don't produce glucagon any better than they produce 
>insulin.  The medical literature supporting this inability of type 1s 
>to produce glucagon goes back 30 years.  So the issue regarding 
>glucagon after pizza is way beyond controversial for us pumpers--- 
>it's dead

 That is very interesting about Dr Bernstein. After reading his book I had a lot
of respect for some of the ideas he had that were ahead of his time; but I could
not help but thing that he was a diabetic who had not quit worked through all of
his D
 issues, and it seemed to keep him from looking at all the facts. I particularly
took objection to his anti pump tirade.
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