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[IP] What to do with the pump in hospital

email @ redacted writes:
>my dental surgeon refused to put
>me under general anesthesia because I was diabetic.

Wow Kirsten,
  You had the same thing for your wisdom teeth! My dental surgeon wanted to give
me a glucose IV during the procedure, would not test my bg while I was under,
and do it in the hospital (normally done in his office). Well this made us
concerned and
 it turned out the cost of the hospital was prohibitive anyways since we did not
have dental insurance. So I was awake for my wisdom teeth too. I agree it was
not a big deal but the surgeon refused to do all four teeth at once since I was
awake. I
 tried to talk him into doing them all at once but he would not so I had to come
back two weeks later to get the others out!
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