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RE: [IP] Cozmo Product Announcement

My CDE did, however show me a REAL problem with the cozmo.  IF you, for
example, eat a meal, and then one hour later or so you want to have a peice
of cake or whatever.  You check your BS andfind it at say 250.  So you tell
the pump you are eating 50 more carbs and want to lower your BS from 250 to
your target.  Well the pump will tell you to bolus less than the ammount
that is required to cover the carbs because it "reduces for insulin on
board".  There is a simple solution for this probem....just don't correct
with a meal if you have Insulin On Board.  do it seperatley.  But If someone
didn't know that the insulin was reduced so much I could see some big

did that make any sense?

(dx'd 1999 pumping with Ayasha the Cozmo since 2/24/03)

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For those of you with Cozmo's or interested in the recent Cozmo
thread about shipping delays, I received this note from Deltec this
morning that explains what is going on.<snip>
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