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[IP] Re: Staying on Topic & Too Many E-Mails

 <And for the people who complain about receiving to many e-mails perhaps they
should be steered to the digest version as this is what I do for that very


 If you want virtually no mail, you can chose just the browser access option,
visit the web site any time you want, and choose only the subjects you want to
read about. For those of you unhappy with your mail volume, this is all
explained very clearly when you join the list and make your selection:

 "Insulin Pumpers main mail list is a HIGH traffic list with 4070 active
contributors. Consider subscribing to digest or browser access if you are not
prepared for a large volume of mail. You may switch from one subscription type
to another any time by contacting HELP@Insulin-Pumpers.org
 Insulin Pumpers the main mailing list
 Insulin Pumpers Digest only the digest is sent
 Insulin Pumpers Browser web browser mail access"

for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: