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[IP] WJ had a MAJOR Narfy Day Wednesday

What a day Wednesday was.  Was on my way home from work on the train 
(typically a two hour ride on Wednesdays), and I got that wierd burning 
sensation in my leg, like I had taken a HUGE bolus.  I hadn't.  The last 
bolus I took was four hours previously.  Being on a train at commuter rush 
hour is not conducive to checking a pump or anything else for that matter, 
so I had to wait until I got to a less crowded area.  And what did I see?  A 
reservoir hanging all by its littl self, and the door on the pump wide open.

Needless to say, I freaked.  I could only assume it had happened when I felt 
that burning sensation.  When I got a place where I could sit and test, I 
found I was ok, and made it the rest of the way home with no problem.  About 
fifteen minutes after I got home, I passed out on the couch from the low.  
(Can anyone say "WJ pigged out"?)  It took about six hours, but bg finally 
evened out.  I vegged out on the couch watching "Schoolhouse Rock" and 
cracking my parents up, because I was singing along (but not necessisarily 
to the song playing at the time).

Once I was rational enough to think a little, I figured out how much insulin 
I had actually gotten.  Somewhere close to 50 units, near as I can tell.

Anyone else ever had that happen?  I still haven't figured out what I did 
that made the door open like that.....

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