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Re: [IP] Cozmo Issues

To follow up on what Kristen said, waiting six months sure won't hurt. 
Geez, I've been told since I was five a cure was "within the next five
years".  Soon I'll be 50 and I'm still waiting.

Pumping is the best we have right now, and although I've been very vocal
about the many problems I've had in the past year and a half with my MM
pumps, I would never give up pumping.  I feel that I should have looked
around more when I got my first pump, but MM was all I was told about
and all I even knew there was.

Now, it looks like the Cozmo would be the best one for me, but I'm not
ready to jump in as fast as I did the first time.  Let them get the bugs
out first.  The Paradigm might be ready for prime time now, but it sure
wasn't when I first got it.  If I can avoid going through what I did
with MM, I'm sure willing to do it.  I admire Deltec for stopping
shipment when they discovered a problem, or at least fairly quickly.  I
know patience is not a virtue for many people, including myself, but
believe me, it's better than a pump that doesn't work as much as it does
-- been there, done that and don't wnat to do it again.

Each person has to determine what they are comfortable with.  For me,
six failures in three months was not a comfort level for myself, but I
still would not stop pumping.  Please don't be critical of someone's
opinion just because it's not your opinion.  Since you're not paying for
their pump, let them decide what's best for them!

Judi in MI
email @ redacted

> It seems like when the decision is someone else's
> to make, some of you are a little too ready to throw stones.  Maybe if you
> put yourself in the other person's shoes, you might feel differently.
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