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[IP] Confused about coverage...

I was looking over my ins. benefits earlier because I was trying find out of
marriage counceling was covered (and I still have no clue on that one..) but
something else showed up in regards to vision screening...

Routine Vision Exam/Screening - $15 co-pay per visit, then 100% of eligible
expenses IF in conjunction with an office visit.  Refraction exam to detect
vision impairment. Optometrist or Ophthalmologist as contracted. Glasses
and/or contact lenses are not covered.  Limited to one visit every 24

So.. my question is, are the dialated eye exams to check for retinopathy
considered something else besides a "refraction exam" and thus covered on a
yearly basis (or more often if needed)?  I'd assume so as more of a medical
condition than just getting your eyes checked for routine vision problems..
anyone know before I go through the headache of trying to ask my insurance
(it's hard to reach the right people to talk to)?

I'm only wondering because I'm due in about a month for my yearly exam.. and
now I'm not sure if it's covered or not?  If not it's about $200 for the
complete exam, and I'm NOT paying that out of pocket.. I just can't right
now :(

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