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[IP] Staying On TOPIC

Please pardon my last post as I was behind reading the digest and was not
aware of the censoring police who also stray off topic with they're jokes and
quick wit. Believe me I understand the importance of staying with the issues
but don't we all need a laugh every once in a while with the severity of the
topic's that are covered on this website. And for the people who complain
about reeivinf to many e-mails perhaps they should be steered to the digest
version as this is what I do for that very reason.

Stephen Howell dxd 2/14/70
Animas R 1000 9/02
Staying On TOPIC

First, please read     http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/netiquette.shtml

then remember the lines at the bottom that read:

everyone has an opinion, a life, and a value; don't try to demean that

 be kind and think twice before responding; sometimes the most appropriate
response is a
 nicely worded private e-mail instead of posting to the list (or no response

 Remember that this list is here to provide answers, help, and support for
interested in insulin pumps. Make sure that your posts contribute to this

George Lovelace
 (one of the other Volunteer Admins who allows others their expression, but
tell them
also if they are stepping too close to the line)
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