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Re: [IP] bolusing for fat

> We tried a combination bolus for his pizza the other day, and the same
> happened. For instance:
> 2 pieces of pizza at 47 carbs...we bolused for 47 carbs - 70% up front and
> over 3 hours.2 and 3 hours out...he was at 150 did small corrections...but
> and 6 hours out he was over 200 - and the combination bolus was done. Do
> make it more insulin spread over a longer time?

I'm sure this is one of those things that YMMV on, but I find that the
amount of carbs in the pizza is NOWHERE NEAR the amount of insulin I need to
take.  I think there are roughly 45, or maybe 60 grams of carb in the pizza
I eat.  I don't use the extended, or square wave bolus on my 507 (because
then I can't bolus for anything else I may eat until it's done).  But I do
do a temporary basal.

I take insulin for that pizza as though I am eating 115 grams of carb right
up front.  Then I do a temporary basal of 2.0 U/hr. for four hours. (Normal
basal, depending on the time, is .7 or .8)  Sometimes that works
beautifully.  Other times I'll still go high four hours later!  And I am
always 150 or less two hours into it.

Is there anybody else that has to take way more insulin than the carbs in
the pizza?

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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