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Re: [IP] 4th amendment violation AKA airport screening....

I few from Detroit to New Orleans last summer with no problems at all,
but on the return flight home, the checker demanded a prescription for
the bottle of test strips in my purse (not the pump, not the pump
supplies, not even the lancettes, just the test strips!)  Since I didn't
have that, but produced a bottle of insulin from my carry on with an Rx
label on it, she let me through "just this once".  They are clueless!

Hopefully now that Federal marshalls have taken over, maybe they might
be a little better -- maybe not.

> And, I would NEVER call the airline and ask them anything, they 
> might tell me to turn my pump off during the flight or leave it at home, 
> since they're clueless and don't have ANY idea.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
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