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[IP] airports

snip<So, explain to me how one goes through (Phoenix) with a watch, medic
bracelet, and a belt buckle. Oh, yeah, I had steel lasts in my shoes. I
beeped at each spot I wore these metals. Do you not wear anything like what
I mentioned? This was January 13, 2003 - before the Orange alert.>snip

I went thru Phoenix (American Airlines) in February during the orange alert -
my sister and I - the lady by the scanner made us remove all change from our
pockets, our little leather billfolds from our pockets which only contained
our driver's license and one credit card - but she said contained one SNAP to
close them, our earrings, our watches (my sister's was maybe just a little
large - but mine is the most basic small Timex that you can get at Wal-mart!),
our belts, etc. BEFORE we could attempt to walk through.  (We had on tennies
but all others wearing any kind of leather shoes had to take them off also
before attempting to walk through).  The theory there was to make everyone
remove EVERYTHING that might even attempt to set the walk through scanner off
- because if it did go off - for a watch, etc. - then they would have to do an
extensive wand search which they just didn't want to have to do anymore than
necessary.  Walked through many other scanners in that week and never had to
remove my watch, small leather billfold, earrings, etc.
Funniest - the lady kept saying "do you have ANYTHING in your pockets?", over
and over again.  I said "no".  Then she is obviously looking at the rectangel
lump in my front pocket and again says "do you have ANYTHING ELSE in your
pockets?".  So as I pulled out my pump I said "well, I do have any insulin
pump in my pocket but it is attached and I can't take it off".  As soon as I
say "insulin pump" she says - "oh - okay - yeah - they are making them
completely out of plastic these days so it won't set the scanner off".  I said
"no - it won't set the scanner off".  I wanted to give her a long lecture
stating that my pump was NOT made of just "plastic", etc. but I decided it
would just be easier to keep my mouth shut and smile as I walked through the
scanner without a beep.

P.S. - I flew on different airlines and airports and everytime they took
something "away" from someone's bag, pocket, they were always giving them an
option to "take it back to the car" or "go down to the mail area and mail it
back home at your expense", etc.  I would not stand to leave something with
sentimental value and not get it back again.   Remember - stick up for
yourself - no one else will!
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