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Re: [IP] RE: Treating low blood sugars and bagels, etc.

> Thanks for the advice on treating lows.  I think he told me to turn
> it off at 90, just for now, since I only started on the pump a week
> ago.  Just until things get stable.  I really have to adjust my
> thinking, I used to think under 80 was low, but I guess not.  Also,
> when I was on MDI, I would drink a Coke to treat my low (39g).  I
> tried this last weekend and it did not go well.
> Also, I ate a bowl of Cheerios last week, and my sugar balloned to
> about 420 in 3 hours.  I went to a Chinese buffet, estimated 100g,
> and was fine 2 hours later, but woke up at 3a.m. with a 440!!!  I
> haven't even attempted pizza or bagels yet!

Unfortunately you picked two foods that can cause difficulty. 
Cheerios and other cereals that are highly refined and do NOT have 
added sweetners have a very high glycemic index. i.e. they get 
absorbed quickly, more quickly than the insulin so even if you have 
the right amount of insulin on-board, the timing is wrong and you go 
high quickly. The high makes you insulin resistant and you don't 
really come down when the rest of the insulin is absorbed. The fix it 
to eat other things with the cheerios, use honey, eat a different 
ceral that is not so "pure", etc....

The Chinese food problem (pizza too) is one of prolonged release and 
hidden carbs. Most Chinese food has is cooked with a lot of oil that 
slows digestion plus, the sauces typically are made with corn-starch 
or arrow-root, both high carb starches that when buried in the oil, 
get slowly digested and bite you later. The good thing about these 
foods is that they are fairly predictible once you figure them out. 
If you tend to order the same things and the same resturants, you 
will be able to determine how "square" your bolus should be and how 
big just by trial and error and a little educated planning based on 
your high bg records. Fine tuning this should allow you to eat pretty 
much what you want though it may take a few iterations.

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