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Re: [IP] (Not) Sleeping with the pump

 Actually, I will tell you that the best thing I ever bought was the leg strap.
At night I put it in the holster and I never know it is there. It is great.
Ddx 1987, pumping 1 week
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> So, has anyone else noticed that the pump is preventing them from
> getting a good night's sleep? I'm just not sure what to do about it.
> I think I might order the Paradigm clip instead of using the holster in
> hopes that removing the extra bulk will help.

the first night i had the pump on, i woke up every time i rolled over it.
after that, i didn't notice it. i don't clip it to my pj's, i take off the
holster clip thing and just stick in the pj pocket. makes it much smaller.
my lack of sleep is due to my little furry monster who thinks that bedtime
is time to bite my toes. i haven't slept a full night in over a week.

as for the clip, i keep forgetting to call and order one. it looks like it
would be so much nicer than this big bulky thing.
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