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[IP] My open apologies to the administrators and the members of the group.

It has come to my attention as early as last night and as recently as today
that I have been snappy and argumentative.  These are things that I don't
normally do.

For these actions I do offer my apologies to the volunteer administrators and
to the group at large who endured my near tantrum like behavior.

I offer the following as an explanation but not as an excuse.  Civility should
always be the order of the day.

On Sunday, my right hand would only work intermittently.  I called my GP and
received an appointment on Tuesday.  On Tuesday we reviewed what happened and
I received some tests from the doctor.

Yesterday, I had an MRI for what appears to be a mild stroke.  I am still
having problems using my right hand.  Things just drop right out of it when I
try to carry things.

What's ironic is that a mild stroke could be something that wouldn't be as bad
as other stuff they might look at.

Never-the-less, an apology is in order and I offer it with no excuses at all.
I think it may be best if I put myself in a corner and go into lurk mode for

Thanks everyone for being such a great group!

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