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[IP] Joining the Prozac Nation

I know that a lot of people have been posting lately regarding depression so 
I thought I would share my 2 cents. I am a pregnant weirdo who gets prenatal 
depression instead of postpartum depression. I took Zoloft with my last 
pregnancy and it did no good for me at all so this time they have me on 
Prozac. I was wondering if anyone out there in IP land is taking or has taken 
Prozac? They tell me that it's safe to take in pregnancy so I'm not worried 
about that, I'm just wondering if it will make me a drooling zombie like 
Celexa made my sister.
I have always been really hesitant to take any antidepressants but I really 
scared myself a few weeks ago with the depth of the dark mood I got into. So 
they tell me it will be at least two weeks before the meds start to help. I 
just hope that I can cope until then. Anyways, thanks for letting me rant!

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