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[IP] re: insurance probs and depression

Sorry Im so late to reply!  I thank everyone for responses to my "insurance"
problems and them no longer paying for my strips and syringes.  I dont think
Im going to change my meter.  My sister in law is on medi-cal and was
diagnosed with type 2 a few months ago.  They gave her the same meter I have
and as many strips as she wants so she is being sooooo nice and told me should
would give me as many as I need!  Its probably illeagal but we will both get
the strips we need at the price we can both afford so Im not going to tell
anyone (other than this list that is!).  I am also getting help via my doctor.
He is so cool.  My "insurance" (CMSP) just about makes him sick (did make him
cuss!) and he helps by giving me whatever he has laying around when I have an

I also have to reply about the depression post.  I also used to have the
problem of not being able to tell my doctor when I had problems with things
like depression ( I was diagnosed with social anxiety) but that was because my
doctors at the time really sucked!  I have had my current doc for about a year
now and I find I can tell him anything as long as I write it down first so I
dont forget.  My previous doctors told me I had depression and agorophobia and
then never gave me anything for it either drugs or counseling.  Now I am on
Paxil, but cant really get counseling without pulling teeth because CMSP wont
pay for it.  (Surprise) I am much happier.  You wouldnt believe how good I
felt when I took myself to work the first time and didnt fell like I was going
to die of being scared to death!  Please dont hesitate to talk to SOMEONE
about your depression!  If you cant talk to your doctor about it, GET ANOTHER
DOCTOR!!  Dont give up!

I wouldnt doubt in the least that diabetes has contributed to any mental
problems I have.  I have been back and forth between NPH + Regular, and Lantus
+ Humalog, not to mention Actos and Glucophage and nothing seems to help me.
My sugars are between 30 and 500, (mostly in the 300's) and I feel like crap
most of the time.  It seems like all I do all day is test and inject, test and
inject.  Every time I think about it I feel depressed and hopeless.  My doctor
has done everything he can think of but nothing really helps my bgs anymore.
So, the only hope I have now is getting the pump.  I really dont know what I
am going to do if I cant get one or if, God Forbid, it doesnt do the trick for
me.  So now I am playing the waiting game and keeping my fingers
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