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Re: [IP] Trouble shooting pump-Animas

> >Something that most people (at least I didn't) think about, is  that the
> >Animas Pump is built for people with a right hand dominance.  I am left
> >handed, but as in golf and shooting a gun, I have learned to be right
> >in yet another task.

You don't have to be left handed to notice that and not appreciate it.
Though I am right handed, I have, just about as long as I've pumped, kept my
pump in my left hand pocket.  I will then often just use it in the hand it
is in.

When I trialed the Animas, that did annoy me.  I forget exactly how I did
it, but I somehow managed to use my left hand sometimes, anyway, peering
around my fingers to see the screen.

The pump shouldn't require two hands to manipulate, but because of where I
keep it, the Animas often does.  Something to think about, should I end up
buying the Animas.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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