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Re: [IP] What to do with pump in hospital

I've not had a problem with them trying to remove my pump, except for when I
was in the hospital in DKA.  (I've mentioned that before -- a virus made me
extremely insulin resistant.)  They were putting me on an insulin IV, so
they had me put the pump in suspend.  Made perfect sense at the time, until
they told me not to bolus for the first meal I was served.  (The great
intelligence of medical people about diabetes.)

But this reminded me of when I got my wisdom teeth out.  I don't remember if
I was still on shots then, or the pump, but my dental surgeon refused to put
me under general anesthesia because I was diabetic.  He told me about it
beforehand, so I got my endo to talk to him.

My endo told him there was no need to be concerned, and I could be put under
general anesthetic without a problem.  He thought the dental surgeon
understood and agreed and told us so.

I got there the morning of the procedure, only to learn that he had
absolutely NO intention of putting me under.  I panicked.  I was so scared I
started hyperventilating.

He was VERY harsh with me, and threatened to call the whole thing off if I
couldn't get myself under control.  I managed to pull myself together
because I wanted to get it over with.

To my surprise, it was no big deal at all.  Afterwards I wondered why it was
standard procedure to sleep for it.  I got some laughing gas, but I was
awake.  Never the less, I didn't like the surgeon after that, because of how
unnecessarily mean and angry he had been with me, over a little

Funny how this list keeps sending me down memory lane.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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