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[IP] jans metal

Jan wrote:
> how one goes through with a watch, medic alertbracelet, and a belt 
> buckle. Oh, yeah, I had steel lasts in my shoes. 

girl, they have been telling people to take their belts off and their change 
out for years...remember in the olden days, we just tossed it in a basket 
(with our camera) and passed it around.  We have always had to take our coats 
off, and if you have metal in your shoes, of COURSE you are gonna beep - so 
don't wear shoes with metal in them - wear sandals or sneakers or something 

My medic alert never beeps (and I have also never taken it off except for my 
sisters wedding and two surgeries.....), so I don't know why yours 
does...mine is just the cheap old original one they send when you sign 
up...maybe if you have a heftier, nicer one if has more metal in it...who 

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