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Re: [IP] bolusing for fat

I, personally, have noticed that fat plays a very small role in causing 
delayed rise in blood sugars.  If I eat a lot of fat, it tends to 
extend my absorpsion by minutes, not hours.  But, I'm sure each one is 

The bigger likely issue is the effect of protein.  Part of the protein 
you eat (ranging from 40-60%) will be broken down into carbs, but after 
a delay.  I have found that I need to bolus for this protein using an 
extended bolus.  So, if I eat food with 50 carbs, and 30 g of protein, 
I bolus 5 units now, and then give an extended bolus of 1.2 units to 
cover the protein.  This works pretty well.  

I've accounted for fat, and it seems that no matter how much or little 
fat I eat, it doesn't affect my need for how much I bolus (including 
protein), and for how long.  

There is a final problem that seems a bit controversial...but I've 
witnessed it in myself.  There are certain types of amino acids (found 
in protein) that can trigger the body to produce glucagon.  This can 
cause a delayed rise in blood glucose that is unrelated to any carbs 
actually in the food.  I'm convinced that Pizza is one of these foods, 
because bolusing for carbs and protein is not enough.

I did a comparison.  I have eaten the same amount of fat/protein/carbs 
from pizza as well as from a Double-cheeseburger value meal.  The 
numbers were virtually identical.  ANd yet, the value meal does NOT 
cause the delayed rise that pizza does. I'm guessing that amount of 
cheese on the pizza causes this "glucagon effect" (as I like to call 
it).  I have found that I have to give an extended bolus of 3 units ON 
TOP of any bolus I give for the carbs and protein, no matter how much 
pizza I eat.  

But, I just ignore the fat content in food (wrt insulin 
requirements)...as it plays no significant role in affecting my BG 
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