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Re: [IP] Trouble shooting pump-Animas or left handed diabetics

> Type 1 - left handed, here.  My favorite response to your statement there
> "Everyone is right handed, only the very special/talented can over come
> handicap."

I am a Type 2 left handed diabetic.  My mother was Type 1 and right handed.
Go figure that one!

I myself like to tell people that I'm in my "right mind." Of course, around
here that is subject to a lot of debate!

I've heard that generally, left handers die earlier than right handed
people.  One theory is that in a right handed world, being left handed
exposes you to "hazards" that right handed people don't face.

An interesting question though.  How many people on the list are left
handed?  Raise your left hand if you are left handed! LOL

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