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Re: [IP] Software & Meters

>My doctor has
>requested that I bring in test results in chart/graph format or w/ 
>excel.  I
>currently use a Palm Pilot program (diabetespilot 2.0) to track food,
>insulin, test results etc. and the only way that I know to do it is to 
>the results to the memo pad and then copy and past to excel.
>Can anyone tell me an easier way?


You are actually using the Diabetes Pilot the easiest way you can.  My 
own Logbook DM software works the same way.  The reason is due to how 
you must write "conduits" for the PalmOS that takes completely 
different development tools. So, the easiest method for handling export 
is to export using the Memo Pad, which automatically gets sync'd to the 
computer without the need of writing a conduit.

One thing to note, in case you haven't already discovered, is that you 
don't have to go in and highlight each memo and copy. WHen you looking 
at the list of all of the memos using the PC's Palm Desktop software, 
just click on the memo once (and, if your entries span across multiple 
entries, shift-click on the last entry to highlight all of them).  
Then, you can simply copy all of the memos at once to paste into Excel 
or a text file to save as a .csv file for import into your spreadsheet 

If your doctor just wants your meter results, then you could get the 
cable and download the free software from Lifescan to do this for you.  
My endo already has this software...and so when I come in for an 
appointment, the first thing they do is take your meter so that they 
can download the data.  But, if your endo doesn't have this, you can 
get it yourself.  I think the cable is like $15, and the software is 

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