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Re: [IP] Software & Meters

> Hello.  I have seen a lot of information going back and forth about softward
> programs and meters.  I currently use the One Touch Ultra.  I do not have a
> program for my PC and was wondering how you know what to get?  My doctor has
> requested that I bring in test results in chart/graph format or w/ excel.  I
> currently use a Palm Pilot program (diabetespilot 2.0) to track food,
> insulin, test results etc. and the only way that I know to do it is to copy
> the results to the memo pad and then copy and past to excel.
> Can anyone tell me an easier way?

You can go to www.lifescan.com and download the program for the pc for free.
The cable to hook the Ultra to the PC does cost I can't remember how much.
My Dr. Office already has this and they download it and print it out for me.
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