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Re: [IP] bolusing for fat

I've had a very similar problem myself, and also with my girls.  Dragging
out the insulin was the solution for us.  We found that if we did about a
60% bolus up front, and then extended the remaining 40 over about 4-5 hours
all was well!  Numbers stayed for more regulated and under control.  I know
it sounds absurd.  And we were a little weary at first, but after much trial
and error this is what worked for us.   Hope this helps!

> Hey all. Those of you who can do combination bolusing or extended
> bolusing...can I get some much needed help? When Kevin had Htron, we would
> bolus for the whole amount of the food, and then 150% for 2-4 hours...but
> usually was fine at 2 & 3 hours...and spiked high at 4-6 hours.
> We tried a combination bolus for his pizza the other day, and the same
> happened. For instance:
> 2 pieces of pizza at 47 carbs...we bolused for 47 carbs - 70% up front and
> over 3 hours.2 and 3 hours out...he was at 150 did small corrections...but
> and 6 hours out he was over 200 - and the combination bolus was done. Do
> make it more insulin spread over a longer time?
> It is getting frustrating to deal with at bedtime. It was his birthday
> lastnight. I made steak, and mashed potatoes (boxed) and garlic bread
> fat) and he had 40 carbs of birthday cake. 2 & 3hours out he was in the
> again...then 4 hours out he was over 200, we correct, he's high at 6 hours
> out, we correct, he's high at 8 hours out! That is a long time for FAT!!!
> If anyone can tell me how it has worked for you...I'd appreciate it. I
> YMMV...but I'm hoping others have been successful at this.
> Robin
> Mom to Kevin
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