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Re: [IP] sleepless pumper

>well i guess you have three choices:

>1)  get used to it - i have been pumping 10 years now and can sleep in 
>kinds of positions on the pump...i have woken up with the indentations 
>so far 
>into my body i can see the little UP ^ and DOWN v......
>2) go back to shots
>3) get a S/M lover who will tie you up real tight before you go to 
>thereby preventing you from tossing and turning...eventually you will 
>out from exhaustion...and there is nothing lile the sleep of 

I REALLY hope those three were meant to be sarchasm.  I'll assume they 

>as an alternative, you might try clipping it to the inside of your 
>sleeve, ir 
>you sleep with a tshirt on...even if you are on your stomach or side, 
>if it 
>is high enough up on your shoulder, you shouldn't be ON it...

That's a possibility...although the t-shirts I wear are extremely 
loose, so I think the pump would kind of pull the shirt off my 
shoulder.  But, if the thigh thing doesn't work, I'll give it a try.  
(My wife is supposed to try to sew one for me today.)

Ryan (who turns 30 today...happy birthday to me!)
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