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Re: Subject: [IP] bagels

>resist the urge to test 2 hours after eating...both humalog, and 
>novalog, as 
>well as the old fashioned velosulin may still be on the UPswing at the 

I hate to sound argumentative...but resist the urge to test 2 hours 
post meal?????  I don't think that is very good advice in the 

I can't speak for Novolog, since it has a "smoother" curve than 
Humalog...but for me, after 2 hours, over 85% of the insulin I've taken 
is used up.  (I've done numerous tests to verify this unused insulin 
rule for me...specifically, 85% of the insulin is used up after 1.8 
hours)  The "use" curve of Humalog is such that MOST of the insulin is 
used in the first 1 1/2 hours.  I suspect that Novolog would be very 
similar, though with perhaps a slight difference.

So, 2 hours post-bagel is a good time to test.  If it is quite high 
then, most likely it will still be high in another two hours.  Testing 
2 hours post-meal is HIGHLY recommended...not something to "resist the 
urge" from.

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