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Re: [IP] bolusing for fat

> If anyone can tell me how it has worked for you...I'd appreciate it. I
> YMMV...but I'm hoping others have been successful at this.

I have the paradigm, and what i've found works well for things like pizza
(especially when it's got more cheese and a thick crust), regular chocolate
bars, or more fatty foods, is to use a square wave bolus, which i learned
about here.  i have to play around with it, but normally it works really
well.  the dualwave can work ok sometimes, but normally if i'm eating a mix
of things which will spike quickly and slowly (ie: a glass of orange juice
and a thing of fries, not that i actually drink juice much, i prefer to just
eat the orange or grapefruit or whatever, but i digress.  this is just an
example), i'll set up the square wave first for the fries, start that, and
then do a quick bolus for the juice to hit immediately.  i know i could just
dual-wave it, but this seems to work well in my brain.

of course, like everything, it's YMMV. :)

liz - in ottawa, trying to finish a 10-15 page paper which looks like it
wants to go far over that limit.
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