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Re: [IP] Cozmo Issues

I'm not exactly sure who (if anyone) this post was directed to, but wanted
to clarify incase it was in reference to my earlier post.  I mentioned that
if you were not 'dead set', based upon lots of research and such, on the
Cozmo and would prefer not to wait so long then I would most certainly go
for a different one!  I know how anxious we were to get my daughter on the
pump and I would not want to have to wait, either!  Sorry for the
> I feel quite certain from Amy's posts that she wants the best for her
> I can't believe that you're suggesting that because she doesn't want to
> an inordinate amount of time (6+ months) that she doesn't have her child's
> best interest at heart.  My son has been pumping with an Animas for 1.5
> years and I KNOW it was the best for him.  I certainly don't think he
> have benefited by waiting half a year or more.  There are many pumps on
> market that have worked very well for many people.  Your choice for the
> Cozmo is your right, but it is just false to suggest that going with any
> other pump is not "the best."
> Marisa
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