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Re: [IP] pizza and blood sugars

> If the fat doesn't raise it and your bs is great
> after 2 hours, why wouldn't 
> it stay great after 4?  It just doesn't make sense
> to me.
Let me take a stab (no pun intended) at this.  Here is
what I think happens for me...but any of you more
advanced medical folks can jump in and correct me if I
am way off base:
I think that fat slows the absorption of your carbs. 
I know that for food like pizza, in the old days,
pre-square wave bolus, if I bolused to meet my carb
intake, I would go very low because the insulin acted
way before the carbs were actually able to be
absorbed.  What I learned to do was check my blood
sugars often and would inject insulin.  This actually
imitated the square wave feature on my pump, but with
injections.   My pump allows me to now do this without
the hassle of so many injections.  It certainly is a
trial and error exercise.  My endo says that high fat
foods can effect your blood sugar for up to 24 hours
(maybe even longer), depending on your metabolism. Cynthia

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